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Welcome to my Body for Life Blog

I put together this blog to help both men and women achieve a better quality of life through proper diet and exercise. I have personally tried many well known diets like the South Beach Diet, The Adkins Diet, The Zone Diet, Low fat diets, other low carb diets. I've tried to get around diets by working out regularly, and I've tried to get around working out by dieting. I would lose weight, gain weight, lose it again, only to repeat this cycle over and over. I knew something had to change. I knew, as you do inside, that the best way to lose weight and really look good is to combined a healthy diet with proper exercise. I looked, I studied, I floundered, and the I found what worked for me. I found Body for Life! It changed my life and it WILL change yours!

The Body for Life Lifestyle is one that you can make work for you! You never have to totally give up any food you love. You don't have to spend countless hours a day in the gym. It does require some work and sacrifice on your part, but if you want to look your best, there is no other way to do it!

I wanted to see what I could do in JUST 12 WEEKS. No Ephedra, No Steroids, No manipulating pictures, just an average guy who wanted to push himself and see what could be done. I pushed myself as hard as I could for 12 weeks! I passed when people wanted me to eat things I should have. I got up every morning that I was required to and went to the gym. I heard people saying I looked "fine" as I was. And ultimately, I achieved my goal! I LOOK AWESOME! You can do it to! So c'mon! Don't waste another day in that tired ole fat body! The new you is JUST 12 WEEKS away!

If you have any questions or comments, please email me.

Body for Life Workout, what you do in the gym in the next 12 weeks will largely determine how you look when you are done.

Body for Life Diet, eating is more than half equation if your goal is to look your best.

Body for Life Supplements, the more you research supplements, the more frustrating it gets.

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